The Hyphen and the Ellipse

The Hyphen and the Ellipse
Bill Gates, Bill Clinton and Bono have it.
So does the suburban mom of a dyslectic child juggling the demands of her corporate job and family, as does the finance company executive who found his heart broken by the plight of children caught in the web of sex trafficking. It’s the same for the factory manager who spends Christmas assisting desperately poor families in Mexico. Then there is the real estate agent who helps set up micro-businesses in Columbian barrios.
They all have it…
They all have a cause greater then themselves that they are passionate about and are keenly motivated to free up their time to devote to and find the funds to finance the cause. In short they all want to find ways to leverage the “cubicle” of their corporate “life” towards the fulfillment of a “lifestyle” that centers around a worthy “cause”. It has been my privilege to preside at hundreds of funerals, in thirty years of ministry. On these occasions there are three bits of data which is invariably shared about the deceased. There is the d.o.b. (date of birth ) and the d.o.d. (date of death) which obviously bracket the lifespan of the person. Between the “d.o.b.” and the “d.o.d.” is the symbol which indicates the accomplishments and relationships representative of the life of the person. It is the hyphen (-). This little dash mark carries with it the weight of everything that happened to and the investments of the deceased person as witnessed to by others who remember them. The hyphen is a powerful symbol to be sure. However, I would contend that for the people I’ve encountered who have had the most meaningful lives another symbol is very apropos. The ellipse (…) or the dot dot dot, points to more than a life well lived, it speaks to a life of purpose which carries on in their legacy long after the d.o.b.- d.o. d. case is made. “Ellipse people” are always people of passion for a cause greater than themselves who have taken action to enhance the greater good through the cause which stirs their heart. It is ellipse people who create things like:
•The Clinton Global Initiative to battle AIDS.
•The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to take on the cause of illiteracy.
•Bono’s ONE foundation dedicated to achieving equitable economic opportunities in third world countries.
•The corporate lawyer dedicated to creating a homeless shelter in a community where none exists.
•This is the bullet point where you enter your name and your passion if you have “ellipse person” DNA. If you would be so bold as to make the move from a cubicle to a cause then you have found a home at
Business To Change The World is devoted to connecting the dot dot dots between the causes that stir people and the ways and means for them to be achieved and make a comfortable living at the same time. Business To Change The World will connect the dot dot dots in the following ways: •Provide great content through articles videos and other media from people who have successfully made the move from cubicle to cause.
•provide a network where people looking for a cause and those with means to support causes can connect.
•provide resources where people can learn how to make a full-time income on a part-time basis in order to leverage time and money to the cause.
•provide regular podcast Interviews with people who have found a way to be successful in business as a means to support a worthy cause.
•provide a regular newsletter where the latest and mist effective strategies for moving from cubicle to cause are shared.
•develop a community of like-minded “ellipse people”
Are you ready to begin connecting the dot dot dots of your cubicle to cause story?  If you’re still with me then I know you are. Lets get started by signing up for our newsletter or emailing us directly.

For Causes that Matter,

Robert B. Miller